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The Veterans Charity provides support to Veterans of the UK Armed Forces. The recipient of our support must be a Veteran of the UK Armed Forces who has completed a minimum of 6 months verifiable service, either as a regular or as a reservist. Verification of service will be required in order to obtain support.

To make a self-referral or to refer from another organisation, please select one of the support services below and then follow the link to submit a Support Request Form. Please be sure to complete the form in full, providing all personal and contact details, service background and give as much information as possible about the support being requested and why it is needed.

We are unable to provide ongoing, long-term support and we cannot provide financial grants or loans.

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To submit a request for support or make a referral, please click on the button below


We are very proud to have formed partnerships with other organisations to deliver urgent and vital support to Veterans who find themselves battling hardship and the distress it causes.

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The Royal Logistic Corps is the largest Corps in the British Army and was formed in 1993 with the amalgamation of the RCT, RE Postal & Courier Corps, Army Catering Corps, Royal Army Ordnance Corps and Royal Pioneer Corps.

We were approached by the RLC who wanted to ensure that they are doing all they can for their former personnel.

In July 2022, we formed an exciting partnership with the RLC Association Trust to deliver urgent support to Veterans of the RLC and Forming Corps and since it's creation, the partnership has already supported more than 100 Veterans.

To make a referral for an RLC Veteran, please click on the flag image.


The Women's Royal Army Corps was formed in 1949 as the successor to the ATS. It was disbanded in 1992. The WRAC Association has thousands of members and we are proud to have formed a new partnership with the WRACA to provide immediate needs support to women Veterans who are experiencing hardship.  

Our partnership with the WRACA was formed on 1st March and has already delivered support to women who have found themselves facing hardship and distress. It is a sad fact that there are many women who will only have been able to serve for a short time due to the rules and regulations of the time which meant that if they became pregnant, got married or even because their spouse was leaving the military, they would have been forced to leave. We hope that this partnership will raise awareness amongst those who might be in need of support but might feel that they are not entitled to help!

To make a referral for a WRAC Veteran, please click on the flag image.

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