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The most requested support we provide is for food provisions for those who find themselves in dire hardship. It is not uncommon for us to receive requests for Veterans who haven’t eaten for several days!

Once we have made initial contact and completed our detailed dietary assessment, we can place an order with our chosen supermarket supplier, for an urgent delivery. Each order contains fresh, frozen and cupboard foods as well as toiletries, feminine hygiene products and household products such as toilet paper and washing liquid. We can also cater for pet foods and baby/toddler products as well.


On average, food orders are delivered within 24 hours of our assessment.


In 2020 alone, we placed 644 food shopping orders!

Driver Delivering Online Grocery Shoppin

We frequently deal with Veterans who haven’t eaten anything substantial for several days which clearly requires an immediate solution to cover the gap until food shopping provisions are delivered.

In such cases, we place orders for a takeaway from providers such as Domino’s Pizza or Just Eat, which usually deliver within an hour. Such orders can cater for family needs and will always be tailored to dietary and taste requirements, taking allergies and intolerances into account.

Takeaway deliveries are only intended as an emergency solution to provide subsistence for a day or so.


We cannot provide them on an ongoing basis.

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