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Sadly, we often encounter Veterans who are struggling to provide enough food for themselves, or their beloved companions. Many will put their dog's needs before their own. 

Ziggy's Pantry is a programme of support from The Veterans Charity which can help with food support for dogs and their Veterans, ensuring that neither best friend goes without! 

The support which can be provided consists of a comprehensive food delivery including favourite food (wet or dry) as well as treats if required. The items provided are always tailored according to any allergies or tastes.  

About Ziggy. 

Ziggy is a remarkable Assistance Dog who supports his Veteran, Richard, a former Army Medic who was diagnosed with PTSD after serving in Iraq. 
With extraordinary dedication and skill, Ziggy helps Richard to undertake tasks which would prove to be very challenging without Ziggy's calming and supportive influence. 

They have become great role models for Assistance Dogs, championing greater awareness of their work and also generating greater awareness of mental health wellbeing. 
Richard and Ziggy became Ambassadors for The Veterans Charity in 2021. 

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To make a referral to Ziggy's Pantry, please click on the button below and complete our Support Request Form

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