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On the 6th June 2009, the 65th anniversary of D-Day, we unveiled a unique and lasting memorial at Pegasus Bridge in Normandy, the scene of the first combat operation of D-Day and arguably one of the most vital objectives of that day.


The memorial is dedicated to the men of the 'Coup de Main' group who were tasked with seizing two vital bridges near the village of Benouville. This group was made up mostly of men from 2nd battalion (D Coy and B Coy) Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry together with 30 Royal Engineers, 3 medics and a Liaisons Officer from The Parachute Regiment as well as 12 pilots from the Glider Pilot Regiment.


Their task was to land in six Horsa Gliders and seize the two bridges intact. The missions was dubbed "a suicide mission which might just work" and despite the overwhelming odds against them, the group seized both bridges in under ten minutes!


Had this vital operation been unsuccesful, D-Day would have been a very different story!

The Veterans Charity Memorial to the Coup de Main sits proudly next to the original Pegasus Bridge in the grounds of the superb Memorial Pegasus Museum in Ranville, Normandy.


The memorial cost £75,000 to create. This money was raised by an amazing group of sponsored runners who took part in the RUN TO PEGASUS 4th-6th June 2009.


Over £250,000 was raised in total and excess funds were donated to charities which provide support to Veterans and Service Personnel of all generations.

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