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Remembrance Field Kits

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Ribbon Of Poppies      is part of The Veterans Charity and was created as a lasting tribute to those who have lost their lives as a result of warfare. The 'ribbon' stretches across the world with people from as far afield as Australia getting involved by creating their own 'Ribbon'.

As part of Routes of Remembrance, we are inviting people to add to the Ribbon Of Poppies, creating Fields Of Remembrance by utilising unused open spaces or garden areas (with permission) to plant Poppy seeds which will provide poignant tributes year after year.


For smaller spaces, make use of a planter or pots to create your own living memorial.



Planting tips:

Sow between March and October. For a longer display of Poppies, sow over a few months (eg - alternating weeks). Scatter seeds onto the surface of soil taking care not to sow deeper than the size of the seed itself. Keep soil damp but take care not to over-water. 

See advice from BBC Gardener's World

Red Poppies - to represent sailors, soldiers and air force personnel

Purple Poppies - to represent service animals

Pink Poppies - to represent those battling mental health conditions

Remembrance Field Kit

We have created special 'Remembrance Field Kits' especially for Routes of Remembrance which contain thousands of red Poppy seeds as together with a Veterans Charity lapel pin, pair of dog tags and info leaflet. The tins are available to order now from The Veterans Charity shop for just £7.99.


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