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The Veterans Charity announces new partnership with The Royal Logistic Corps to support Veterans experiencing hardship

The rise in the cost of living in recent years has affected millions of people including serving personnel and Veterans. 

To help ensure that these difficulties are met with a swift and effective response, The Royal Logistic Corps Benevolence Committee on behalf of The RLC Association Trust has formed a new partnership with The Veterans Charity.


The partnership means that the charity will assess and deliver immediate needs support on behalf of The RLC Association Trust, with the trust covering the costs of the support being provided.


Chair of The RLC Benevolence team, Brigadier (Retd) Chris Murray CBE said:


The cost-of-living crisis is hitting some of our people in the RLC Family (Regulars, Reserves RLC and Forming Corps Veterans and their families) pretty hard.  We already meet the Benevolence needs of around 2,000 cases a year for the RLC Family with amazing support from SSAFA and the Royal British Legion who do the case work for us.  That process meets larger needs and will continue but we needed a new solution that is quick and fixes immediate needs.   Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures and we are establishing a Discretionary Payment Scheme to help alleviate some of the hardship and provide some rapid relief.  Reaching Regular and Reserve serving soldiers in need is easy through Commanding Officers, but we needed a solution for our veterans. 


We are delighted to be partnering with The Veterans Charity who have a proven track record of providing immediate relief to veterans in need.  For our veterans who might just need a quick, low cost ‘hand up’ in terms of food, clothing or assistance with utility bills etc we know that our colleagues in The Veterans Charity will provide a rapid and responsive solution at this testing time.


Danny Greeno, CEO of The Veterans Charity said:


We are extremely proud to be providing support to RLC Veterans in partnership with The RLC Association Trust.  Historically, we have supported hundreds of RLC and Forming Corps Veterans and for the Corps to seek to form a partnership which focuses on the urgent needs of its Veterans is a great testament to its ‘One Family’ approach and to the reputation of The Veterans Charity’s work in supporting Veterans.


The partnership has already begun delivering with the first case of need being received and swiftly dealt with within just a few hours.

If you are a Veteran of the RLC (or Forming Corps) and find yourself in hardship, you can submit a Support Request Form

Team photo 15th July 2022 Worthy Down.jpg

(Left to Right): Corps Sergeant-Major, WO1 Chris Sutherland   |   SPFSO, Mary Gallagher   |   CEO The Veterans Charity, Danny Greeno   |   Chairman, RLC Association Trust, Brigadier (Ret’d) Chris Murray OBE   |   Treasurer, RLC Association Trust, Lt Col (Ret’d) Ian Stark   |   Secretary, RLC Association Trust, Lt Col (Ret’d) Stephen Yafai

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