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USA TOUR (incl. Puerto Rico and Pearl Harbour)

Thanks to support from Cunard, Southampton Veterans Trust and Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, around 100 wreaths were given a fabulous send off from Southampton on VE Day 2022. Travelling in style on the Queen Mary 2, the wreaths arrived in New York on 15th May and were met by a team from United War Veterans Council who then worked with partner organisations including Wounded Warrior Project, to take the wreaths across the entire US.

At least 2 wreaths made it to every state and even travelled as far as Puerto Rico and Hawaii, visiting Pearl Harbour. 

Amongst the wreaths was a very special tribute to UK-born Veteran and hero of 9/11, Rick Rescorla. Made by REME Veteran. Les Langley, the wooden wreath has not visited the 9/11 site to pay respects to Rick. A wreath which accompanied the tribute is due to be carried on the Veterans Day Parade in New York on 11th November and will visit many memorials across the city.

Rick Rescorla was born in Hayle, Cornwall and served with The Parachute Regiment before moving to the US where he enlisted with the US Army, 1st Air Cavalry. He saw active duty in Vietnam and continued serving for many years. After leaving the military, Rick went into the corporate security sector and on 11th September 2001, was Chief of Security for Morgan Stanley at the World Trade Centre. He was credited with saving over 2700 lives that day by courageously leading staff out of the tower to safety time and again. Rick was tragically killed when the town collapsed.

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RICK RESCORLA 1939 - 2001

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