Be A Christmas Hero and help us to deliver Christmas for those in dire hardship! 

Since March, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused worldwide hardship and distress. Throughout this time, we have continued to deliver vital support to Veterans and their families including food shopping, essential household products and toiletries, utilities credit, clothing and smartphones to enable continued communication and to prevent isolation. 

We have responded to hundreds of referrals from other organisations who have been unable to continue to provide support themselves during lockdown and in total, we have supported more than 400 cases since the beginning of March.


The demand is continuing to rise and we expect it to go on rising as the economic impact of the pandemic hits our economy even further.

As our rapid support is #nevermoreneeded we need YOUR support more than ever before!

Sadly, we lost all public fundraising opportunities for almost 6 months and have been forced to postpone our key events until 2021 at the earliest. This means that our income will be drastically reduced and that donations are crucial to enable us to continue to meet the immediate needs of so many Veterans and their families.

  • £25 will pay for a tasty pizza delivery for a family who are struggling to make ends meet and have no food. This is a common scenario that we encounter but we arrange for an almost immediate delivery of a hot and tasty meal to sustain them until a supermarket delivery can be made the next day. 

  • £85 will buy a brand new smartphone which will enable a Veteran to maintain vital communications with family, friends, support networks and even help with employment searches and online courses/self help. 

  • £125 will provide a very comprehensive food shopping delivery complete with toiletries and household products and even pet foods where required, for a Veteran and their family who are facing dire hardship.

Make a huge difference today

The Veterans Charity is the rapid reaction force of military charities and provides immediate needs support to hundreds of Veterans every year.

We supply essential items such as food shopping, clothing, utility smart meter credit. household goods such as kitchenware and single appliances and and even mobile smartphones to aid communication.

During the last four years alone,  we have provided essential items to more than 2000 Veterans and given guidance and advice to many more.

We are excited to announce our brand new VC Lottery!

Tickets are just £1 per week and the top prize is a massive £25,000!

The Veterans Charity will receive 50% of the ticket price with 24% of the remaining amount going into the prize funds, 16% covering administration costs (transaction fees, insurance, hosting costs, booking fees etc) and 4% covering VAT.  

The Veterans Charity
The Veterans Charity
The Veterans Charity

Back for the TENTH time, The Forces March 2021 is being held from Wednesday 26th May to Sunday 30th May.


Follow in the footsteps of WW2 heroes along the route of a legendary 1942 training march from Ilfracombe to Bulford over 5 consecutive days.

Teams and individuals are invited to enter as walkers, runners or even as a relay team, splitting each day into sections.

We are very proud to work with many different organisations who have regular contact with Veterans.
If you know of a Veteran who is experiencing hardship, please get in touch!

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See the video of how our new VCHQ was transformed during July into a great, accessible space which will enable us to run new support initiatives and even a VC Shop!



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