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Yesterday afternoon, we received a referral from Blind Veterans UK for a 91 year old Veteran of the Army Catering Corps who has had to isolate himself.

He is now facing a very difficult situation as the person he usually relies on for support is unable to visit as they are taking precautions themselves.

After completing our dietary needs assessment, we compiled a detailed shopping list and put out a request for a local volunteer to assist.

We funded the purchase of the provisions needed and we are proud to say that a decent delivery was made to his doorstep around an hour ago, providing enough fresh, frozen and cupboard foods for the next 10-14 days at least.

We will continue to monitor how he is doing and if required to do so again, we will act to get him sorted.

COVID-19 is causing major problems in supply chains and putting people who are already vulnerable, into almost impossible situations and causing hardship for many others.

However, we have adapted our processes and created new procedures to be able to continue to deliver vital support.

A huge thank you to our wonderful volunteers who stand up where and when required!

Our work continues....

This is the difference that YOUR kind donations are making. Please, please keep supporting us at this desperate time.

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