Yesterday afternoon, we received a referral for help for David, a Royal Navy Veteran who is very partially sighted and living alone. Due to the risks to his health, he is sensibly isolating at present but is now unable to get the essential provisions that he needs.

We acted quickly to put together a detailed shopping list with him, tailored to his dietary needs and tastes and then got to work sourcing a volunteer to get the shopping to him.

This morning, just after 1000hrs, a delivery was made to his doorstep.

We spoke to him a short while ago and he is very grateful indeed and was very surprised at how much food there was.

We spoke about the importance of reaching out when help is needed and he said "I am very happy with the help I have had (from The Veterans Charity), it's very kind indeed. However, Veterans must never let pride stand in the way of getting help when it is needed. I asked for help and have been supported wonderfully. We all need help sometimes in our lives and it is very foolish not to ask for it if needed".


David asked us to share his story to encourage others who may be struggling to reach out for help.


avid is remarkably, 105 years old and technically served in the Royal Navy, on and off, for 60 years both in and out of uniform.


We would like to thank Steve Bentham-Bates of Help 4 homeless veterans, another charity that we are very proud to work with, for his fabulous assistance with this case.


David is the 200th Veteran that we have supported so far in 2020 - an increase of more than 75% compared to last year.


More than ever, we need YOUR support so that we can help Veterans like David, in THEIR hour of need.

Please donate what you can. As the Rapid Reaction Force, many Veterans and organisations are depending on our help right now.


Thank you.

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