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On Sunday 20th October, hundreds of people gathered at the Exclusive Tattoo Studio in Street, Somerset for a very special day in aid of The Veterans Charity.

Sean Evett, owner of Exclusive Tattoo first became a supporter of The Veterans Charity a year ago when he offered his skills at a charity day at 14 Tattooing in Ilfracombe, owned by his friend Chalky, and suggested that he would host a day at his own studio in Street.

Sean invited 9 of the UK's top tattoo artists to join him for the day and they worked continuously from 0900 right through to 2300!

Nearly 200 people were inked during the day and hundreds of amazing tattoos were created.

We were delighted to see so many Veterans and Serving Personnel amongst those attending with many of them getting some very personnel tattoos, each having significant relevance to their career in the Armed Forces or connected to what they have achieved since leaving the military.

In total, a staggering £7148.01 was raised on the day which will enable us to deliver even more immediate needs support to Veterans who sadly find themselves in hardship and distress.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended and so generously supported The Veterans Charity and bravely got some new ink - many, for the first time!

And our sincerest thanks to our wonderful team of volunteers, the support staff and especially to the INKredible tattoo artists who worked for over 14 hours! They are:

  • Sean Evett - Exclusive Tattoos, Street

  • Chalky Laurenson - 14 Tattooing, Ilfracombe

  • Ben Chidge - Exclusive Tattoos, Street

  • Ben Brooks - Hidden Jewel Tattoos, Exeter

  • Simon Budgie 

  • Rosa Laguna - Exclusive Tattoos, Street

  • Laura Solveig Kei - 14 Tattooing, Ilfracombe

  • Sam Boyce - Timeless Ink Tattoo Studio, Salisbury

  • Chris Norton - Cut Throat Ink, Weston-Super-Mare

  • Bex Edwards - The Hideout, Bristol

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