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On Sunday 8th November, following a request from a neighbour, we made a special visit to Ken Morgan, a Royal Navy Veteran who was celebrating his 100th birthday that day!

Due to the pandemic, he was unable to make either his birthday or Remembrance Sunday in his usual way so we arranged a few surprises to try and make his day as special as possible.

Our CEO paid a brief, socially-distanced visit to him, accompanied  by two serving RN personnel who travelled from Plymouth to join with the birthday greetings...

We reached out to Royal Navy contacts who, despite a very busy weekend ahead, rallied to our call and recorded and sent some fabulous video messages to Ken.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who assisted in helping us to make Ken's day a little more special. As you can see from the video below, he was delighted with his surprises and was touched that the Royal Navy were able to be there, albeit from a distance, for his 100th birthday.

Despite being frantically busy ourselves with preparations for our #PoppiesToPaddington event and despite short notice, we absolutely had to put something together for Ken.



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