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The Veterans Charity

“what seem small things to some people just mean so much to us! I can’t thank you enough! You are truly an amazing charity. What you have done is above and beyond. You really have pulled us from the bottom and literally saved our family. Thank you again”



“I wanted to thank you all again for what you've done for me, and my children. I've just had my food shopping delivery and my cupboards, fridge etc look like they should look! My kids are so excited with the thought of making a proper family meal together. Things like this mean nothing to a lot of people, they don't realise. But you've touched our hearts. Again, from us all, thank you so much!”



“without the initial support from The Veterans Charity, nothing that has happened since would have happened. My life has totally changed and is finally heading in the right direction. My mental health is a lot better and I am actually looking forwards to the future – it’s thanks to VC! Thank you so much!”



“I just wanted to say, thank you so very much for everything you've done for me today, I really cannot thank you enough it meant so much to me, and now my first proper home is so much more homely all thanks to you and The Veterans Charity. I'm sat here tonight still thanking you. Thank you thank you thank you.”



"it was a choice between bills and food!! And then you came to our aid and made it possible for us to survive!! If we had contacted any other organisation it would have been some time before any assistance got to us. This is what is so amazing about the Veterans Charity!! Within the shortest timescale you had everything arranged and we could survive and some of the stress we were under was lifted."

"Working in veterans welfare, I have used The Veterans Charity on a number of occasions and the help they provide is incredible.

No red tape means the veterans get what they need quickly and without fuss. It’s not just the essentials that are important but sometimes, the non-essentials are just as important like a bike so someone can get out the house for a bit of exercise or a smartphone so someone can connect with the outside world.

These are just as important as the families that need food, clothing and household goods.

I have seen the difference The Veterans Charity makes and long may it continue."

S O'Neill
Veterans Welfare Service | D | Welfare Manager| Veterans UK | Ministry of Defence

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