No doubt many people will recall watching this amazing episode of DIY SOS, when they converted an entire street into fabulous accommodation for Veterans.


One of the Veterans to benefit from that scheme is John Borge, seen here with the brilliant DIY SOS team.


The accommodation and community feel of the street is great and John is generally very pleased to be there however, as we all know, life isn't always as simple as we would wish it to be.


John is still battling mental health and a lack of suitable employment means that he is forced to survive on benefits and a very small war disability pension.


John's key focus is to care for his 4 year old son who lives with John for half of the week.


We got in touch with John yesterday after seeing a comment from him that he was looking for 16 hours work a week as a lorry driver, something he is allowed to do whilst claiming the small benefits he is on.


After having a chat with John, it became apparent that he was struggling to make ends meet and really needed some urgent support.


So, last night, we placed an order for a huge food shop which has arrived this morning, meaning that John can look forward to eating well and being able to feed his son well when he comes to stay.


We have also sorted some winter clothing too as the weather has turned very cold and on the little income he gets, John cannot afford to buy new clothing for him or his son.


John, like every Veteran we deal with, is an immensley proud man and asking for help is not something that comes easy to him. As a doting father, he wants only to be able to provide everything his son needs and the lack of income is causing him a great deal of concern and distress.


However, as we explained to John (and as we explain to everey Veteran we help), we ALL need help sometimes and there is no shame at all in asking for or getting help!


We are delighted that we have been able to help another deserving Veteran and we are hard at work trying to source suitable positions for John to start work as a Class 1 or 2 driver, near to Manchester, where the fabulous Veterans street project is located.

"I can't thank you enough. The delivery is spot on. Massive help, I really do appreciate it, thanks again.


Hopefully this will reach out to others as I hate to see people struggle when there is help out there"

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