Yesterday, we received a Support Request from a Veteran who has served with the Royal Military Police (Reserves) since 2008 and is due to be medically discharged in October.

He was on operations with 173 Provost Company in Afghanistan in 2009 when the unit were caught in a blast from a suicide bomber's IED which took the lives of Sgt Ross (173 Provost Coy) and Cpl Pun (Royal Gurkha Rifles) and killed many civilians.

He received shrapnel wounds and hearing damage and has suffered from complex PTSD for the last few years and faces a daily battle with his condition and the hardships it has caused as he is unable to work.

Recently, his ancient bed collapsed and the mattress is in such a poor state that it is causing him severe back pain. It is hard enough for him to sleep well but with an old and ruined bed, his quality of life is really deteriorating and with a lack of funds, he simply cannot afford to replace it.


Clearly distressed, he decided to get in touch with us and ask if there is anything we can do to help.

After having a long chat with him, it was clear that we need to act!

So, an order has been placed for a brand new double divan bed with storage and a top notch mattress. These will be delivered to him in a just a few days time!


He was over-the-moon and looking forward to greater comfort and hopefully, some improved sleep.

Our focus on providing immediate needs support without red tape and delay can make a huge difference to those we support.


Life can be very challenging for many Veterans after leaving the military. Declinging physical and mental health can occur years later and this has a devestating impact on the quality of life and ability to work leading to financial problems and ever-worsening stress. Our support brings immediate relief and has a lasting effect on mental and physical well-being as well as making sure that our Veterans know they are not alone.


No red tape, no politics - just support.

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