Today we received a Support Request from a former Royal Irish Ranger who is really struggling to make ends meet.


He and his wife are forced to cope on a very low income which barely covers rent contribution and essential bills, meaning they struggle for food shopping and both are in desparate need of new clothing but simply cannot afford to buy anything.


Thankfully, this is EXACTLY what we are here for and have placed urgent orders for a mountain of wholesome food to fill their freezer, fridge and cupboards and we have also ordered brand new clothing and footwear for them both.


The confidence boost we all experience when getting some new clothes can make a huge difference to how we feel and it will do the world of good for these two wonderful peopl ewho have faced so many battles together and deserev so much better.

We are also working with other support agencies and charities to make sure they get some more support going forward.


We believe that everyone who has served our country deserves nothing less than the life they have earned and it is heart-breaking to find Veterans who are forced to survive on so little.


We are very proud that we are able, thanks to our fabulous volunteerss and donors, to make a difference to those we support.


If you would like to support The Veterans Charity, please visit our SUPPORT page to find out how you can donate or fundraise and help us to do even more.

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