So far in 2017, we have provided immediate needs support to more than 100 Veterans who have been facing dire hardships - and it is only mid-April!


The total number so far this year is 104. The total for 2016 was 129 so this demonstrates the huge increase in demand for our support.

The majority of these cases have been referred to us by other organsations like the MOD Veterans Welfare Service, Riverside Care and Support, Change Step, Help4Homeless Veterans and DMWS. Many others have come from relatives or friends.

We are always happy to receive referrals from any other organsation as we know that our urgent help makes such a difference to those facing such distressing situation as not being able to put enough food on the table.

Our CEO, Danny Greeno says "whilst it is a very sad fact that so many Veterans find themselves facing dire hardships as a result of some very distressing situations, we are very proud to be able to deliver such essential support in such a short space of time. I spend a great deal of time talking to those we support, assessing their needs and offering any advice and guidance we can to help them move forward and being able to reassure them that The Veterans Charity will get urgent help to them, in most cases the very next day, is a wonderful process to be involved in."


We hope that any other Veterans who are facing similar hardships will feel reassured that such help exists and that they can come to us directly or via another charity to get support, without red tape and unnecessary delays.

To submit a request for help with a food shop, clothing or a household appliance/item, please submit a Support Request via the button below.


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