We spoke at lunchtime to a former Royal Military Police serviceman who suffered serious spinal damage shortly after leaving the military and has since undergone thre operations on his spine, with a fourth major operation due in January.

His condition is so severe that he has lost considerable mobility and has been unable to wokr for the past few years.

Forced to survive on benefits, and with his wife acting as his carer, life has become extremely challenging and distressing for this proud Veteran and his family.

Their mattress has deteriorated so much that the springs have come through and it has had to be thrown away.
For the past few days, he as his wife has been sharing beds with their children who are aged 10 and 7.

Clearly, this cannot continue so we have taken immediate action and a brand new mattress, ideal for his health issues, is being delivered to them TOMORROW.

We often deal with cases like this where Veterans are forced into situations which have a big impact on not just them but their families too.

In such circumstances, rapid reaction, without red tape and frustrating delays is what is needed to ease the distress clearly felt by the whole family.



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