R.A.P.I.D Reaction for RAMC Veteran

In the past 2 weeks alone, we have delivered vital support to 24 Veterans who were in dire need of help.


Many of these urgent cases were referred to us by other charities who know that we are the rapid reaction force and here to sort the immediate needs, allowing them time to get additional support in place.


One such case was referred to us yesterday by a large military charity. They are assisting a Veteran of the RAMC with their transition into civilian life after leaving the Army late last year.


This Veteran sadly has complex mental and physical health problems and requires a lot of help to get things in order. Good progress however, is already being made.


It had come to light in a recent meeting that the Veteran has not been able to eat well due to financial hardship and this was having a dire impact on their physical and mental health. They were also finding it almost impossible to keep in contact with essential support services due to not having a functioning phone.


We have dealt with numerous referrals from this particular caseworker before and they know how quickly we can react in such urgent and distressing situations.


Within 15 minutes of receiving the referral, we had completed our initial due diligence checks and made first contact with the Veteran. After completing our assessment of their needs, the case was discussed by our CEO with a Trustee who immediately approved the case for support.


Within just 45 minutes, orders for essential food and household/ toiletry provisions were placed as well as a brand new smart phone being ordered to enable vital communication with support agencies and friends. All of these items are due to arrive TODAY.


When someone is suffering mental and physical problems, their distress levels can be immense and dire hardship can have a catastrophic impact on their wellbeing. The R.A.P.I.D support we provide can make a huge difference to our beneficiaries by alleviating distress and delivering the vital provisions that they often cannot afford. The morale boost can make a massive difference to their outlook too!


YOUR support enables us to make this difference to those who need and deserve our help - THANK YOU!

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