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The Pegasus Bridge Show Book

The Pegasus Bridge Show Book


Written by former Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry Officer, Michael Bawtree and often asked for over the years, here finally is the illustrated text of The Pegasus Bridge Show, first commissioned and performed around the UK in 2008 in aid of The Veterans Charity.


Part One tells the story of Crossing the Channel between Great Britain and the continent of Europe, from 1066 to 1944. Along the way it quotes from the many writers who have written poems about war and battles, from Shakespeare to Tennyson to Wilfred Owen, and it finishes with the exciting run-up to D-Day in June 1944, when the largest armada in the history of the world was poised to cross the 'perilous, narrow ocean' and invade Normandy.


Part Two tells the story of the famous Pegasus Bridge and Horsa Bridge raid in the early hours of D-Day - the very first operation carried out by a body of Allied troops on that momentous day. As befits a mythic story, it is told in what the author describes as 'free-cantering verse', and in a loosely Homeric style. It is followed by an account of the aftermath of the raid, and then a brief verse epilogue in which a British and a German officer visit the cemetery where many of the raid's participants on both sides lie buried.

'It merits an honoured place in epic literature at the highest level. T.S.Eliot would have been proud', observes one classical scholar.

Michael Bawtree has produced his fantastic telling of this epic story in book form which is being sold entirely in aid of The Veterans Charity.

Pre-order your copies today!

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