Even though it's a day for celebrating our Armed Forces, we are always reminded that there are many who have served and sadly have very little to 'celebrate' at present.

Earlier this afternoon, we received a Support Request from our friends at The Beacon in Catterick who have a resident facing hardship and is in need of urgent support.


This former 1 LANCS soldier is battling mental health issues and sadly has no option at present but to rely on benefits.


Unfortunately, due to a pending appeal, any payment of benefits is not expected soon.

In the meantime, without adequate income, this proud Veteran has an empty fridge and bare cupboards - a highly distressing situation for anyone let alone a proud former soldier who is battling poor mental health.


So, after a quick assessment of dietary needs, an order has been placed with Asda and will be delivered directly to them TOMORROW lunchtime, providing ample fresh, frozen and cupboard foods as well as household goods such as hygiene and cleaning/laundry products to last the next couple of weeks.


No red tape - no politics - just SUPPORT!

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