“My name is James Tattingham, I served in The Parachute Regiment. In 2008 I went to Afghanistan for 7 months.

When I returned home I felt like everything had changed and after months of struggling to adjust, I left the Army in 2010. I found a job and but found it hard to cope and eventually, I was diagnosed with PTSD. But at this stage I had been off work for over 6 months. We lost our home, my job and as a result of my problems, I very nearly lost my family too!

We eventually got housed down in Salisbury (Wiltshire). We still at this point couldn't afford anything, not even food. Times were getting really desperate! It wasn't until I was advised to get in touch with The Veterans Charity and ask for their help, that I picked up the phone and got the courage to ask for a food shop (which was really hard for me to do). I spoke to them and told them everything, the next day at 10am there was a ring at the door and there it was a massive food shop for me and my family - it was like Christmas!

This was the first time that I had smiled in a long time. We were so grateful we couldn't believe it, and especially with how fast The Veterans Charity work to make sure you get the help that is needed.

I don't know any other charity that responds to a request as quickly as The Veterans Charity did. They continued to provide us with support along our rough journey until we got ourselves back on our feet. I know that if I ever did need that kind of support again I could simply pick up the phone and speak to The Veterans Charity.


There are bigger charities out there that I have asked for similar help and got turned away - told that I need to “sort my finances out”, which I wasn't able to do because I was ill. But The Veterans Charity are different! They didn't make me feel like I’m useless and that it’s my fault that I’m in the situation that I was in, they just provided us with the vital support that we needed as a family and to relieve a lot of stress off our shoulders.”

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