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 iBeard Club and The Veterans Charity have joined forces to support Veterans (and not only those with beards!) 


About iBeardclub: Our integrity, reputation and image within the bearding community is one of our most prized possessions.

A true Family orientated bearding community. We have created and launched the iBeardclub Manufacturers Guild to safeguard users of Beard and Moustache products.

As the management team we strive to make our collective environments as much fun, supportive and welcoming as possible.

It is our belief that our family sets the new standard within the bearding social community.

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iBeard Club prides itself on being a 360 degree brotherhood with focus on mental health being a high priority. 

"We don’t profess to be experts in mental health and well-being, however we do guide brothers and sisters in their time of need to Charities and Organisations that specialise in that field.

In the meantime we lend an ear, we make time and support our family as best as we can."

It's this fabulous focus on supporting the wellbeing of it's members, especially those who may be struggling, that gives us extra pride in being chosen as a supported charity of iBeard Club. Please take a few moments to visit their website and Facebook Group to learn more about the club.

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