Last night, we spoke to a former Royal Logistics Corps soldier who has been battling hardship for some time.

He recently got himself a new job but without any savings, he and his family have no way of covering the gap until he receives his first pay from his new employers.

Facing a dire situation of no food for himself, his partner or their 3 children, things were looking bleak.

As is often the way, this was the worst possible time for their ageing washing machine to pack up but guess what? It gave up a few days ago and is beyond economical repair! (not that this proud Veteran and his partner had the funds to repair it anyway).


Not knowing what else to do and not having family around that they feel they can ask, he reluctantly got in touch with us.


After a reassuring chat and just 2 hours later, a shiny new washing machine and a huge food shop that will last the whole family at least 2 weeks, have been ordered and will be delivered by the weekend.

We received these heart-warming words later from him "Me and the family just want to say thank you so much to you and VC for your help and support tonight.
I have gone from almost crying on the way home to being able to smile.
And not just for providing the washing machine and shopping but for listening - it means a lot.
I feel like a burden has been lifted and there is now a light shining through a big dark cloud that has hung over me.
Thanks again from us all


Distress overted - support delivered...

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